malwine01There are so many things to be discovered during a stay on the Maltese islands.

When travelling to Malta for business or holidays, an all year destination, you will be amazed by the huge quantity of activities to do there. A lot of cultural heritage or museums to visit, get acquainted with the history of the knights of Malta, drive through breathtaking coastal landscapes, Valetta which will become in 2018 the EU capital of culture, the variety of the various festivals all year round and above all to benefit of a high standard of living with great food and fine wines.

Wine production to Malta dates back to the time of the Phoenicians. With the viticultural revival mainly five topwinemakers are established and are producing the quality and style of the Maltese wines. Since the entering of the country in the EU in 2004, they are especially focusing on a higher quality of wine production and they vinify fine DOK wines, the local appelation. Several international varieties of grapes are growing on the islands but two indigenous grapes named Gellewza for red wine and Ghirgentina for white wine also do.  The climate is optimal for the culture of wines on the archipelago, which is generally hot and there are no biting winds, fog, snow or frost, and malwine02rain falls only for short periods. But hot summer days and nights are tempered by cool breezes from the Mediterranean sea. The vinification of wines in Malta appeal to all the craftmenship of the winegrowers because of the aridity of the soils, it will be then their choose of grape varieties matching to the typicity of the soils which will made the differents tastes and sensitivities you will feel in their wines.

Two wine festivals are organised during the summer in the Upper Barraka gardens or in Hastings gardens of Valletta, perfectly located for a walk through the historical part of the city with many pedestrians streets. And offering majestic views from the bastions, the marina and the harbour. Both festivals are presenting exquisite IGT or DOK quality wines that can be paired with tasty food while listening to live musicians or viewing entertainers acting.

Feel the Maltese variety…

Olivier Bulto



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